Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Barcelona Sagrada Familia

Barcelona Sagrada Familia

sagrada familiaThe Sagrada Familia with more than 1,5 Mio visitors every year, it is the most visited tourist attraction in Barcelona. If you ever visit Barcelona - make the sagrada familia one of your first sightseeing points to see. With its Gaudi style facade and extraordinary towers the sagrada familia is one of the most impressive building in Barcelona's skyline.

Sagrada Familia History

In 1883 Antoni Gaudi started to lead the construction of the so called "church of the poor". Together with other artists he supervised the work until his death in 1926. Up until now the Sagrada Familia has not been finished and perhaps never will. The reason is quite simple: The sagrada familia had to be built entirely from donations as part of the original concept.

Within the first nearly 40 years of construction with Gaudi's supervision, main parts of the sagrada familia were completed. Building of the crypt, east facade and the Saint Joseph chapel all done during Gaudi working on the sagrada familia. In 1898 Gaudi changed the original plans to have square towers into round bell towers. This is what gives today's Sagrada Familia its impressive and un reached look.

Gaudi buried in the Sagrada Familia

In 1926 Antoni Gaudi died and was buried in the crypt of the Sagrada Familia. The city of Barcelona mourns the loss of one it's biggest suns. Until 1930 all bell-towers on the east facade of the Sagrada Familia where finished and in 1954 work on the west facade started which was finished in 1986.

In the future the 175 meter high Jesus tower is planned to be built, which could be one of the highest church towers in the world.

Sagrada Familia Tour

Today, you can visit the Sagarada Familia which is located at the Placa de la Sagrada. Telephone 932 073 031. Sagrada Familia Entrance fee is approx. 6 Euro. In summer time the Sagrada Familia is open for tours between 9 to 20 h.





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