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Recommended Hotels in Barcelona (based on feedback from our readers)

Barcelona has hundreds of excellent hotels to offer. Ranged from low price Barcelona hotels (hostals) up to 5 Star hotels. Finding the adequate hotel or looking for accommodation also depends on what kind of Barcelona visit you are on.

The Hotel Soho at the Gran Via de les Corts in Barcelona, is located on the prominent Gran Via Avenue, within walking distance from Plaza Catalunya and other tourist attractions. The Soho hotel is not only great for those who ask where can i find a cheap hotel, but also if you are looking for a perfectly situated hotel close to the heart of Barcelona.

The innovative and minimalist Soho Hotel gives its guests the best of Barcelona at cheap rates with a perfect accommodation and service.

Soho Hotel Barcelona
Gran Via De Les Corts Catalanes 543-545
08011 Barcelona -Spain

Check availability and pricing for the Soho Hotel Barcelona here



<?php echo str_replace(' ', '-', $_GET['kp'])?>The Hotel 1898 , located right on the Rambla in Barcelona in the former building of the Philippines Tobacco Company, is one of the best local hotels in the city. This Barcolona hotel might not be a cheap one but still got a very modest hotel rate considering the luxurious suites and rooms they offer.

The excellent location of Hotel 1898 in the heart of Barcelona, places the best attractions in the city within the reach of its customers. For example, the Plaza Catalunya, the Liceu, the Boquería, La Pedrera and the Casa Batlló, the Cathedral, the port and important museums such as the Picasso and the MACBA.

Hotel 1898 Barcelona
La Rambla 109
E-08002 Barcelona

More about pricing and availability of the hotel 1898 in Barcelona here.


The Hotel Jazz in Barcelona opened its doors in February 2004. The hotel is situated directly in the center of Barcelona, in the Triangulo of Gold area. Located in the tourist, shopping and business part of Barcelona. The Jazz is one of those Barcelona hotels you might want to consider if you are travelling on a budget, need to find a discount hotel and look for a very clean and well located hotel.

Hotel Jazz
Pelai 3,
E-08001 Barcelona
Check availability and pricing for the Jazz Hotel Barcelona here

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These are the three most recommended hotels by viewers of our website. Obviously there are many other excellent hotels in Barcelona you can choose from. Depending on the area you want to stay and the time of the year, please make sure you do your reservation and booking as early as possible.





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